Heart-Talk with Ashletics CEO Ashlyn Harvey

If you follow Ashletics on Instagram, you’ve probably heard some first-hand wisdom from the CEO herself – Ashlyn Harvey. Ashlyn is passionate about sharing the real, raw moments that go into growing her business, her self, and her glutes (we’ll get to that.)

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After graduating from the University of Louisiana at Monroe in 2017, the entrepreneur moved to Dallas, Texas and began the journey that is her career in the fitness industry. She instructed group fitness classes but wanted more.

“I desired to have something to call MINE,” Ashlyn said. “If you asked me in college what I wanted to do with my degree, I would say ‘I want to open my own gym.’ So having my own has always been a top priority for me.”

Ashlyn’s drive to build her own led her to open an online shop, where she offers nutrition and fitness guides. Her most recent release includes a 6-week, gym-based booty-building guide.

“The ‘Build Your Glutes’ program really focuses on the proper form, muscle engagement, and how to maximize every move,” she said. “It’s great for anyone who wants to learn these things, while also building and toning the glutes.”

Get the program here.

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While most of Ashlyn’s posts show off her heavyweight skills, she actually loves cardio!

“I’m obsessed with spin classes,” she said. “The atmosphere is so amazing, the music, the instructor, it just allows me to focus strictly on myself and let everything else turn off for an hour. I recommend anyone to take time for you. Find something you can do weekly to get away from all your stress. Self-care is so important.”

Though running her own business is sometimes a source of that stress, Ashlyn often describes it as her “baby.” Initially, the business was called “Ash-Fitness,” but she didn’t feel that embodied the vision she’s dedicated to seeing through.

“Everyone uses ‘fitness’ in their name, so I wanted to stand out,” she said. “My brand is more than fitness. My boyfriend is way more creative than I am. So, one day we’re driving in the car and he just bursts out ‘ASHLETICS’ and I was sold. It was perfect.”

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Ashlyn met her boyfriend in college and cherishes his support of her dream to expand into fitness apparel, accessories, and essentially build a brand that serves as an industry one-stop shop.

“He motivates me everyday and holds me accountable, “ she said. “He makes me go to the gym when I’m too tired. It’s just me and him when it comes to Ashletics. He’s my videographer and he’s hilarious.”

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The pair are currently working on a blooper-video of all the funny behind-the-scenes moments. Ashlyn also credits her success to her family.

“My mom, my dad, and my older brother have supported me through everything, my whole life,” she said. “Everything I do is for my family, and the future of my family. They’re the reason I get up every morning and grind like it’s nobody’s business. I want to be able to support them back.”

Ashlyn knows she’s fortunate to have such a solid support system and loving family to fallback on.

“I know people without support and it breaks my heart,” she said. “I struggle and I have support. Imagine struggling and not having support.”

To those who find themselves in the midst of the struggle, she offers this guidance.

“Whatever you’ve been dreaming about doing, DO IT,” she said. “Don’t be afraid, take risks. People you think will support you, might not. It’s okay. The only person who needs to see your vision, is you. Make moves.”

The advice she gave next crushed my dreams a little, but it’s okay. We’re still friends.

“Rich people don’t take naps,” she said. “I know, heart-breaking. I’m a bad procrastinator because I work well under pressure. Nap-time has to turn into grind-time.”

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When asked about her biggest challenge, she said, “I think it’s common as humans to hold ourselves back even when we know, we have all the tools and knowledge to do something. We always find a reason to stand in our own way. I want to give the best quality content to my clients and I’m always second-guessing ‘am I good enough,’ ‘is this good enough?’ So battling myself has been tough.

However, Ashlyn’s discovered that the key to success is ignoring the little voice of “I’m not good enough,” and pushing through to the other side.

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“Every time I do this to myself, I release the program, and I get the best review ever,” she said. “It reassures me that my program was good enough. When you’re passionate about something, you can be your hardest critic. Do I have a solution to this? No. I just have to keep creating and trusting my abilities to help others.”

Helping others is the foundation on which Ashletics is built, and continues to grow.

“It’s me sharing everything I’m passionate about with other people,” she said. “It’s hard work, it’s grit, it’s confidence, it’s about bettering yourself, choosing yourself, and embracing your strength.”

When asked to define her brand, she said, “Ashletics means to let out your inner athlete. It means to be confident enough in yourself, to choose your health, to overcome obstacles, to train hard, and to embrace the strength you have within you.”

Though she’s built her brand, (& booty), almost single-handedly, Ashlyn relies on God for strength.

“My favorite verse is 2 Corinthians 12:9,” she said. “’But he said to me, my grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’ This verse lets us know that his grace and power is all we need to become stronger and to come out on the other side. God is within us. I have to tell myself this, all the time. In many instances, we shy away from God during hard times. But, that is truly when we need him the most.”

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Follow Ashlyn on Instagram: @ashhletics


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