Three Mighty Warriors – with Shayna Staffa

Through reaching out to Etsy makers in an effort to spread Angel’s story and get together a few inspirational items to cheer her up (more on that later), I connected with Shayna Staffa – owner of Three Mighty Warriors.

Shayna, a bright-haired, tattooed, creative was raised Catholic but left the church soon after her high school graduation. As an atheist, she was hesitant to accept the invitation when her family asked her to join them at a new church last year.

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courtesy of @shayna.hugz

“They would constantly invite me and minister to me about Jesus,” Shayna said. “I finally gave in and attended a few church services. Then I accepted an invitation to attend the women’s retreat weekend. That weekend changed my path in life. Two weeks later, on November 19, 2017 I accepted the Lord!”

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courtesy of @shayna.hugz

As she prepares to celebrate one year rooted in Christ, Shayna reflects on her previous life.

“The way I got here is a lot of prayers,” she said. “I know my family was constantly praying for me and their entire church family. It is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I can’t even remember what my life was like before Jesus and I actually don’t want to remember!”

A couple of months after receiving Jesus, Shayna spent 2 weeks in the ICU with a viral infection that was attacking her brain.

“For those two weeks, my entire church prayed for me every day,” she said. “Many came to the hospital to pray over my ICU room and to comfort my family. My pastor made daily visits and held two prayer meetings for me.”

When she woke up, Shayna remembered nothing.

“It was very strange because I had never felt such a peace and joy in my entire life,” she said. “I was saved, not once… but twice! While I was healing, I had a dream and Three Mighty Warriors came to mind.”

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courtesy of @Shayna.hugz

Curious about the significance of Three Mighty Warriors, Shayna turned to Google for some research.

“The first thing that I saw was 2 Samuel 23:8-39,” she said. “It was King David’s Three Mighty Warriors! I knew God was telling me something and I quickly started to sketch. I drew out my logo and knew deep in my soul that I needed to start this brand to glorify His name and thank Him for everything He has already done for me.”

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In this divine moment, Three Mighty Warriors was born and Shayna launched her first products on Etsy earlier this year.

“My ‘Praise His Name’ pin was my very first design,” she said. “I haven’t come across many companies that produce enamel pins, so I’m definitely passionate about designing and offering them.”

From her many well designed, on-trend Christian products, Shayna selected a few of her favorites to send to Angel: a ‘Jesus on my Mind’ pin, ‘Praise His Name’ tee, sticker set, and sweet words of encouragement.

jesus mind faith
faith praise jesus
stickers jesus faith sword not today satan

“My brand is a reminder to be bold for the Lord,” she said. “To stand firm, fight for the truth, never give up hope and praise His name in every trial and every season.”

When people hear about Three Mighty Warriors, Shayna hopes they take the time to ponder what it means.

“I want them to do exactly what I did, so they can stumble across 2 Samuel and read the Word of God,” she said. “My goal is spreading the Gospel message and showing unbelievers that Christians are not what they think we are. I want to get rid of the stereotypes and bring my personality into my designs. I have tattoos and bright colored hair, but I also love Jesus Christ!”

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courtesy of @shayna.hugz

The hours spent in front of her computer, surrounded by her cats, music from her favorite Christian artists filling her ears, and the smell of coffee hugging her nose, feed Shayna’s imaginative spirit. She is passionate about design and reflects on the feeling of her first sale.

“The fact that I sold something blew my mind,” she said. “A motivator is the support I have received. I was so grateful and honored that someone wanted to wear my design. So many people love my shop and continue to tell me to keep providing more designs.”

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courtesy of @shayna.hugz

But through the success, Shayna always focuses on God.

“Jesus! Always,” she said. “He is the reason for the brand and the reason I am alive. His glory is what motivates me to keep working. The Lord has blessed me with the talent of design and all of my creative ideas.”

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courtesy of @Shayna.hugz

On top of running the shop, Shayna works in advertising. She copes with the stress by fellowshipping with other believers, and spending time in The Word.

“When I start to feel stressed, lies from the enemy come and say ‘you are not good enough’, ‘there are shops that are better than yours’, ‘there are designers who are more talented’, ‘you should just give up’….” She said. “But I combat these lies with God’s word and being around other believers. God’s word always speaks the truth back into my heart and I am reminded that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. My purpose is to serve Him. I just need to be still in times of stress because He fights for me. He gives me a supernatural peace that no beach, no TV show or any other activity could ever give me.”

Shayna rests on The Lord’s promises to her, and knows that He is always good.

“Through this last year, I learned that God is in control no matter what we think at times,” she said. “It doesn’t matter how much I promote my brand, how much I design, how many posts I put on Instagram, God is the only one in control of the brand’s success. There is something so amazing and comforting in knowing that.”

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To fellow lady bosses in the making, Shayna offers this advice:

Pray, pray and pray some more. Thank the Lord again and again for what He has done and what He will continue to do in your life. Ask Him for guidance on where you should take your company or brand and what you could do to continue to glorify His name. Give Him total control of your brand.”

Her favorite verses, Matthew 6:33 – “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else…”- is one of our favorites too.

“It is how I live my life,” Shayna said. “It is what I want for my brand. It is the truth that brings me back, when I am letting the evil in this world tear me down. There is so much more to life than this earthly temporary one that we are living now. My mind is always set on eternity with Christ!”

Follow the shop: @three_mighty_warriors

Follow Shayna: @shayna.hugz


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