Taco Tuesday

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Did someone say Taco Tuesday?

Celebrate Taco Tuesday #JucysStyle today by stopping into one of the many Jucys Taco locations in East Texas.

courtesy of Jucys Taco


Longview local, Molly Anthony, manages the Jucys family of restaurants, first Jucys Hamburgers and now Jucys Taco,  alongside her father, brother, husband, brother-in-law, and many employees who she sees as family.

When asked about their mission statement, Molly said:

“We are a Christian family, growing a business together for the better of our customers and employees.  We try and make every burger better than the last.  We are trying to bring quality back to fast food in the Taco business.”
If you are from East Texas, you know Jucys has the best burgers in the area. While on my carnivore journey, I’ve come to love their Super Cheeseburger – 2 1/2 pound patties, piled high with bacon, and cheese, no bun or veggies. I also love their Black & Bleu.
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courtesy of Jucys Taco
Proudly displayed in their restaurants is the Locals Love Us plaque, a yearly award given by the community. With such a solid reputation and strong following, I knew their launch into the TexMex scene would bring success.
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courtesy of Jucys Taco
I frequently swing in the Jucys Taco drive-thru for an unsweet tea and beef quesadilla or taco salad. I say drive-thru like this is any sort of fast-food joint. But as I said before, Jucys is known for their unmatched quality! I’ve had burgers at 4-star restaurants that can’t stand up to Jucys – “fast-food” or not. Their taco game is just as strong.
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courtesy of Jucys Taco
When I talked with Molly about hosting a taco bar for my PJ Bachelorette party, she was so friendly, helpful, and included all the fixings – hand-grated cheese, fresh lettuce & tomatoes, homemade salsa, both hard & soft shells – and of course their perfectly season ground beef.
Taco bars come in either 24 or 40 packs. My girls and I enjoyed the 24-pack, which offered more than enough food for us all! We snacked on it the next day, and it was still just as good.
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courtesy of Jucys Taco
If you’re thinking of going a different route for pre-Thanksgiving festivities, or hosting friends for the big game, Jucys Taco taco bars are a perfectly effortless and delicious addition! You can even order it through the Waitr app & have it delivered! (Y’all know I’m ALL about that!)
courtesy of Jucys Taco
If you have any questions, contact Molly through the Contact tab on the Jucys page, or reach out on Facebook! Follow Jucys Taco on Instagram to stay up to date on all things TexMex!
Thanks for reading, now go enjoy your Taco Tuesday #JucysStyle!


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