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12 Christmas Gifts for Dog Moms

Since we’re already in November, and Christmas is just 6 Mondays away, I’ve decided to create a few gift guides for y’all! I’ve previously posted the Winter Accessory Gift Guide for the ladies – under $20, and the Gifts for the Guys – under $30!  Next up is our Dog Mom gift guide featuring 12 gift ideas, all under $35, because we all know a crazy doggy ma who loves her fur babies! (Just click here to read about how millennials are moving away from starting families, and opting to adopt pups instead!)

I’ve made it really easy to shop – just click the photo of the item you’re interested in! Some of the linked gifts require personalization, so make sure you have a high-quality photo to upload when purchasing! And as always, if you have any cute things to add, comment below & let me know! I love chatting with y’all.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, meaning that if you purchase a product, I will earn a small commission, with no additional cost to you. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. 

  1. My Best Friend Has Four Paws Mug – Target- $5.99

A friend of mine recently gifted me this at a bridal shower, and it is the cutest! The best part is that if you have other mugs from Target, the bottoms are designed to nest for easy stacking & storage!Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 3.47.14 PM

2. Dog Mom Keychain – Altar’d State – $12

I LOVE Altar’d State! They have the cutest clothes, gift items, and Bibles. Their Mission Monday campaign contributes 10% of every sale made on a Monday to a local charity.

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 3.53.04 PM

3. Custom Pet Socks –Personalize My Pup – $29.95

Recently, I worked with Personalize My Pup to create a custom pair of socks featuring my Chocolate Lab Beaux. (Follow him on Instagram!) The quality is great- they are so soft and warm. I usually opt for fuzzy socks this time of year, but I’m so happy to have these! They let me show off my boy without sacrificing the cozy comfort of fuzzies!

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 2.44.29 PM

4. Dogs Because People Suck Hoodie – Tickled Teal Boutique – $28.99

Okay, maybe most people don’t necessarily sucks…but I definitely prefer dogs to people in most cases. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #sorrynotsorry

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 2.53.26 PM.png

5. Anatomy of a Chocolate Lab – Redbubble – $16.90

I had to include this one, because when Cole sent me this meme a few months ago, I was amazed by how true it is! Our Chocolate has a seriously overactive Tail Motor & his Storage for Yummy Stuff is bottomless. (We won’t talk about the Poop Factory) So cute as a mug!

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 4.07.30 PM.png

6. I Love Dogs Heart Notebook – Redbubble – $12.50

If the Dog Mom in your life is anything like me, she absolutely LOVES journals, notebooks, scratch pads, and sticky notes! This little spiral is the perfect combo for doggy lovers who need to jot their thoughts!

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 3.22.23 PM.png

7. It was Me, I Let the Dogs Out Throw Pillow – Redbubble – $20.81

A girl can never have enough cute pillows, especially when the pups shed everywhere or decide to use them as chew toys… Just kidding, all our babies are well-behaved angels without a single destructive bone in their fluffy, perfect lil bodies. (JK on the JK!) As we say around here, Shed Happens.

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 4.07.07 PM.png

8. I Only Love my Dog and my Bed I’m Sorry Mug – Redbubble – $15.60

If you don’t get this reference, let me fix that for you ASAP. I’ve been obsessed with Drake since he played Jimmy on Degrassi and I love God’s Plan! There’s so many cute plays on this line – for example, I captioned a pic of Beaux with his tennis ball on Insta as “I only love my ball and my momma, I’m sorry.” (He’s not actually sorry, but that’s okay with me.)

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 4.18.18 PM

9. Dogaholic Mug – Dogtor Store – $17 w/ code: aubren15

Dogtor Store is owned and operated by a Veterinarian who’s passionate about fostering the health of animals and bringing the community of animal lovers together! Follow her on Instagram @dogtor.official! She offers a wide variety of breed-specific items on her site! Use our code: aubren15 for 15% off ALL mugs & hooman apparel!

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 3.55.58 PM
Code: aubren15 for 15% off!

10. Warning: Bossy Dog Inside Doormat – Matsy –  $32

I love Matsy! They have so many cute options for dog lovers and are very reasonable priced. They are much more reasonable than similar options on Etsy, or even Target! The mats are made of coconut husks and they offer free shipping across America!

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 3.37.18 PM.png

11. Karma Cat + Zen Dog Charity Bracelet-  PuraVida -$6

Part of what I love most about PuraVida and their high quality wax-coated bracelets is their dedication to giving back. Karma Cat + Zen Dog is a pet rescue committed to saving animals across the country and 10% of the profit from the purchase of this bracelet is donated!

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 2.49.50 PM.png

12. Personalized Dog Mug – Personalize My Pet – $24.95

My mug hasn’t come in yet, but if it’s anything like the socks I got from Personalize my Pet, I know I’ll love it! This is one of the gifts that requires a high-quality image, but customer service is incredibly responsive and helpful if you have any issues!

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 1.47.13 PM.png

Thanks for reading! Post a pic & tag me if y’all purchase anything – I’d love to see! Pup pics are my fav!


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