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My Kids Have Paws & Other Things I Thought I’d Never Say

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Last year, a third of the millennials surveyed by Wakefield Research cited their reason for buying a home as needing more space for their pet. The same study revealed that 84% of us young pet parents frequently worry about our pets when we are away from them – some of us even experience separation anxiety. Another recent study by the Gale Agency showed that 44% of us would rather have a pet than a child, and that 92% of us own pet-parent apparel or accessories.

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Clearly our pets are family. We don’t see them as disposable. We don’t believe in dropping them at the shelter when they get too hard to handle, or we just don’t have the time.

We take our pet-parent responsibilities seriously. We spoil them with doggy subscription boxes, we let them pick their own toys at Petco. We wear our dog mom hats, and drink out of our cute paw-printed coffee mugs. We even have matching outfits.

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But do we really know what we’re feeding our pets? Or do we just buy the brightest bag, boldly labeled with eye-catching words like “fresh,” “natural,” and “protein-rich,” that make us feel good about ourselves? What if I told you the ingredients in that $50 bag of dog food could actually kill your baby?


After our sweet Bella suddenly passed away, I became obsessed with figuring out what happened to her. How could such a healthy, vibrant, and active girl succumb to an unknown illness in less than 12 hours? How could she be so sweet and full of life one minute and gone the next? I wanted to know. But no one could tell me.

I researched. I cried. I dug deeper. I imagined what she must have felt like. I cried more. I researched more. And then I watched Pet Fooled.

Pet Fooled, a documentary available on Netflix, provides an in-depth exploration of the unregulated pet food industry, commentated by two holistic veterinarians. I cried as the family of a pup who’d died after consuming tainted food recounted their story. Her death was similar to Bella’s, in that she was a healthy, well-loved girl who suddenly became violently ill – seemingly from nowhere. However, her death was ultimately linked back to the Melamine scandal of 2007.

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Contaminated vegetable proteins, imported from China, killed so many animals that year that 2 Chinese nationals, as well as a U.S. company’s President & CEO, were indicted by a federal grand jury for the roles they played in adulterating and misbranding the foods.

Melamine, a chemical used to make glue, ink, fertilizers, and plastics, is known to be unsafe for human or animal consumption, and the pets exposed to it suffered kidney failure, resulting in death.

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Since then, not much has changed in the pet food industry. Brands still make misleading claims, and helpless animals still pay the price.

After watching Pet Fooled, I dug deeper into raw feeding, but haven’t quite made the jump. For now, I’m focused on offering gluten & wheat free food and treats to my pets. For example, Biscuit Bob’s Gourmet Dog Treats are made from millet – an ancient grain that provides 8 vitamins and minerals to my pups, with a sweet nutty flavor.


Millet is one of the most digestible and non-allergic grains available, and it creates an alkaline environment within the body. Lola, my Yorkie who suffers terrible skin allergies, loves them!


The King family, founders of Biscuit Bob’s, set out to create corn, soy, and wheat free treats after their dog, Baci, died due to liver failure in 2009. The King’s source local ingredients such as rolled oats, carrots, peanuts, olive oil, and parmesan cheese for their treats. Our babies tried each of the 5 new flavors – Carrot Cake, Cheese, Peanut Butter, Sweet Potato Pie, and Chicken – and loved each one!


I love that each Biscuit Bob’s product is made in America, by a Certified Woman Owned Small Business! If you’d like to try Biscuit Bob’s for your pup, take advantage of their Buy 5 Get 1 FREE sale, so your pup can test each flavor! Each 6oz bag is only $6.99 and contains over 60 treats. As part of their Holiday Sale, Biscuit Bob’s is currently offering free shipping on orders greater than $30.


I recently partnered with Biscuit Bob’s to host a giveaway on my social media pages, and we’ve had great feedback so far!

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If you purchase from Biscuit Bob’s, let us know! Post a picture of your happy pup with their treats on Facebook and tag Biscuit Bob’s Gourmet Dog Treats so we don’t miss it! I can’t wait to hear about your favorite flavors!


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