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Stocking Stuffers for the Girls!

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Another gift guide I’ve had a TON of requests for is the Stocking Stuffers! Each item listed here is First up, we’ll have one for the girls, then I’ll post a guys, as well as one for the pups! Comment below and let me know what else you’d like to see this season!

Uintah Plaid Blanket Scarf | Multiple Colors – $20Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 2.19.50 PM.png

BELIEVE STAMPED TRIBE BRACELET – $19.95 + free shipping

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 2.27.55 PM.png


Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 2.36.22 PM.png

WIFEY DAINTY GOLD NECKLACE – $14.99 + free shipping!

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 2.48.39 PM.png


Bacon & Eggs Socks- $ 15.00

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 3.07.08 PM.png

Canvas Makeup Bag  $ 15.00 

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 3.08.42 PM.png

Tea Towels – $6.99

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 3.16.02 PM.png

Cute Alpaca Soap – $9.95

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 3.27.15 PM.png

Thanks so much for reading! I love putting together content y’all want to see!img_1332

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