Tis the Season to get Sick

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If you follow me on Instagram, you know I had to miss Thanksgiving in Houston with my family because I suddenly became ill the day we were supposed to leave. Like, we were literally packed in the car, on the road, when I spiked a fever.

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And for most families, this wouldn’t be an issue. A little cold is nothing to fear. But things are different for us. Anytime we visit Angel in Houston, we have to be  mindful of our own health, or the health of those we’ve been around, so we avoid exposing her to any potential infection-causing germs.

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So, I’m in the car with my parents, my sister, and my great-uncle on the road to Houston when we pull-over and decide what to do. My mom, who’s like me in that she doesn’t really ever cry, always holds it together for everyone else, breaks down. She doesn’t want to leave me home alone on Thanksgiving, but she doesn’t want to miss seeing Angel either. This is my last Thanksgiving as a Martin, because I’m literally getting married 30 days from today! It’s an emotional moment.

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Thanksgiving 2017 at The Wilson’s

Finally, I reassured her that I would be okay. I wouldn’t be alone – I would have Cole and his family. My soon-to-be new family! So Cole and I spent Thanksgiving Day at his aunt’s house in Jefferson, Texas. We played with the dogs, visited, and watched football. I FaceTimed my people in Houston, and that helped being away from them for the first time in all of my 23 Thanksgivings, be much more bearable. It was a nice day, and I am so thankful to Cole’s family for including me and loving me.

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Emberton Family Thanksgiving 2018

There’s something about moms that I don’t think I’ll really “get” until I become one. Moms live and breathe for their kids. The kids happiness is their happiness. And my mom knew I was upset about missing all the traditions, so she threw me a surprise Thanksgiving! She got the dressing recipe from my grandma, and spent hours in the kitchen preparing a mini-holiday just for me. I’m so thankful God chose her to be my mom, and I just pray I can be half the mom she is.


All that home cooking had me feeling great, but then my sore throat came back and I eventually lost my voice. Thankfully, I had Osso Good Bone Broth on hand from a cleanse I had recently completed with them. (Look for an upcoming post all about that experience!) My throat began to hurt so bad that I couldn’t swallow anything except liquids – preferably WARM liquids.

Osso Good Beef Broth in my late grandmother’s soup mug that I love so much! 

I’m finally on the mend, but for the past few days I’ve been keeping my strength up with these delicious broths! I’ve tried Chicken, Beef, Spicy Pork, and their Revive with Chinese Herbs! They are all delicious, but the Spicy Pork is my favorite.

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 12.52.37 PM.png
use code: LOVEYOURGUT for $15 off your purchase! courtesy of @osso_good_bones 

The broths come in huge pouches and easily heat for a warm hug in a mug on these cold days. The founders truly believe that food is the best medicine and they commit to working with small family farmers in California and Oregon who raise their animals in ethical conditions.

I could not love their packaging more! I’m always telling Cole that I “LOVE his GUTS” so this just made me smile! And it comes right to your door, packed with dry-ice so everything stays frozen.

Seriously these soups are the only reason I was able to stay up studying for my exam this past Monday and make it through school these last few days. My voice is finally coming back and I’m coughing less! A few sips of hot broth is so much better for my overall health than sugar-laden cough drops.

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courtesy of @osso_good_bones

Part of what I love most about Osso Good Company is that I know I’m not only helping my own health with each purchase, but I’m also helping get clean water to kids in need, stocking the San Francisco Food Bank, and contributing to the fight against arthritis. Osso Good Company is committed to donating a portion of each purchase I make to one of their three charitable partnerships mentioned. And, I love following them on Instagram for daily encouragement!

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courtesy of @osso_good_bones

Unfortunately, these nutrient-dense pouches aren’t available anywhere in Texas. But, I have a special code for you to receive $15 off your online purchase! Use code: LOVEYOURGUT at checkout! Reset from the Thanksgiving bloat, and prep for the Christmas goodies with these delicious broths. I will be keeping them on-hand all season!

What are your sick day must haves? Let me know in the comments below!






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