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Letters to the Bride – Newlywed Life

We’re only 11 days away from the wedding, and my friend Lindsey is sharing the next installment of the Letters to the Bride series. Last time, my friend Mariesha covered the topic of forgiveness, and tonight we’ll talk about life as a newlywed.
Lindsey and her husband Isaac Spear live outside of Raleigh, NC. They married on June 2, 2018, after meeting in the spring of 2011. You can follow them on Instagram to keep up with all their sweet adventures!
To the Bride,
Some people say the first year of marriage is the hardest because you are seeing first hand each other’s quirks etc, but Isaac and I were SO honest with each other while dating and being engaged that nothing has really shocked or surprised us since being married and now living together.

At first Isaac and I were friends with each other’s siblings and slowly our personal friendship morphed into something more. I would definitely say that we were NO WHERE near marriage the first time we dated. Being married is what we thought we wanted at the time, but in all actuality I was only 20 years old and he was 18. We had A LOT of maturing to do. 

Needless to say, we parted ways after about 2 years together and took some much needed time to mature and grow and decide who we were going to be and what we were looking for in a partner. Fast forward to mid 2016 and we were suddenly in a situation that had us seeing each other again. Slowly we allowed a new friendship to develop which blossomed into a beautiful new relationship with each other. 

This time things were a lot different. It was obvious we never lost our love for each other, however, we were vocal about our expectations. We expressed our faults and needs, as well as our “deal breakers”. All this blatant and honest communication really created something special for us.

It’s sounds cliche but our first 6 months of marriage have been beautiful. It’s so nice to wake up to your best friend each day and have someone always there to help you and keep you company and to just do life with you. 

My number one advice is keeping the lines of communication COMPLETELY OPEN. Raw honesty, whether your mate will be happy or not, speak your mind in an appropriate manner. Let your mate know your expectations and needs. Support each other’s endeavors. TRY to have like minded faiths(this can be critical during major life decisions). Discuss all finances ahead of time, discuss the topic of children and discipline ahead of time. Discuss chores around the house ahead of time. Anything and everything. Keeping the lines of communication open allows for less surprises along the way. 

Our story is not perfect by any means. We are continuing to grow in love for one another and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for our forever future together!! 

Much love, 
Lindsey Spear ❤️ 

I’m so thankful to Lindsey for sharing these sweet, wise words and reflections of her first six months in marriage. I’m so excited for Cole and I to join the Spears in the Newlyweds Club soon!

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