Holiday Parties, without the Egg Nog

I’ve filmed the video explaining what led me to stop drinking alcohol, and I’m in the final process of editing – so it’ll probably be up tonight! In the meantime, I thought we could talk a bit about making it through this season without drinking, if you’re feeling bold, or just drinking less! I’ll preface with this – there is absolutely nothing wrong with drinking responsibly, and I so admire those who can do so. Okay, let’s dive in.

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Last year, I was listening to a nutrition podcast where they discussed various ways of staying on track during the holidays. The number one tip they gave? Staying away from, or limiting consumption of alcohol. At the time, I couldn’t really imagine a party or family gathering without drinking. I started casually drinking when I was 15 and never looked back until July of this year. But, I took their message to heart and swapped the bottles of red wine I’d usually drink at Christmas parties with sparkling water + a single shot of vodka. This was a game changer – mostly because I was just happily tipsy rather than d r u n k, and also because I woke up without a hangover and avoided the thousands of sugary calories in wine.

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If you know me in real life and we’ve gone out to dinner together, you’ve probably noticed how quickly I drink water. Nine glasses is the average and I’ve even had wait-staff bring and leave a whole pitcher at the table. I’ve always kept the same pace when drinking alcohol. Do not be like me, dear reader. Pacing is everything and even at 23, I’ve yet to develop that skill. This is part of the reason I quit, but we’ll save that for later. Let’s get on to the tips!

For those who want to Quit Drinking:

  1. Fake it Til Ya Make It – if you’re with a crowd who pressures you, and you feel weird about being the one to not drink, pour sprite or another soda in your cup and pretend it has alcohol in it. no one will ever know. or, drink a fun & festive mocktail of pineapple, cranberry, and orange juices over ice + a splash of sparkling water and a sugar rim!
  2. Mo Money, Mo Problems – if you’re out and everyone orders a drink, just don’t order one. if anyone asks, say it’s not in the budget this month. some folks might feel weird saying this, but i promise it will shut down the questions immediately.
  3. Up in the Gym, Workin’ on Your Fitness – say you’re watching your weight, most people won’t push it. idk why, but most people respect fitness goals more than you’re right to just say no.
  4.  Be Bold – just say that you’re trying out a straight-edge life and be confident. be assertive. you own yourself and you don’t owe anyone an explanation.

For those who want to Drink Less:

  1. Cut it Down – you can still enjoy your drink of choice, just drink less! set a limit for yourself, and promise yourself to stick to it, before going out. if you typically drink 2 bottles of wine at an event, try 4 glasses, or 1 bottle instead. overtime, small changes add up and become lasting healthy habits. having a plan is seriously the best tip i can offer you, because i know how easy it is to get caught up in the moment!
  2. Swap it Out – swap a bottle of wine for a single shot + a mixer per drink. Then limit yourself to 3 drinks per event…2 drinks if you’re out for a short time. never do shots. seriously, it’s just not a good idea.
  3. Mind your Measurements – being aware of ratios when drinking is so important. trying to eyeball the drink you’re mixing often leads to a heavy-pour and a pounding headache. know how much you’re really drinking by using the an actual bar tool. or, use a Solo Cup to effectively estimate the measurements. though the lines on the cup being 1oz, 5oz, 12oz for the purposes of holding alcohol is  a myth, the method works.
  4.  No One Puts Baby in the Corner – but maybe they should? enlist your mom friend to keep an eye on you and cut you off long before you’ve had too much. tell her your goal, and check in with her. she probably loves to boss you around anyway!


Either way, download Uber, Lyft, or whatever you like to use to ride safely. Or, click here to see if your state participates in the Holiday Safe Ride Program! I hope your holidays are the merriest, the brightest, and the safest whatever you choose to do!


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