Fri-Yay Five,  Wedding

Bride’s Reflections

I just woke up. It’s my wedding day. I rose from the bed I’ve slept in for the last 14 years, and am sitting in “my” bath tub for the last time this year-not the last time ever but since I’m not sure when I’ll be back, it somehow feels that way.

My morning coffee is in a travel mug, because I didn’t get up early enough to enjoy it on the couch. But it’s okay, because when I stepped into my room from the bath, my mom was seated on my bed. We joked about when I’ll be back for a sleepover.

I just brushed my hair as dad brushed his teeth. Mom is trying to wake Ava up. I think she’s been dreading this day in some ways, but I can’t wait to hear her speech tonight.

These three people, my people, my mom, my dad, my sister. My family. I’m sitting on the couch writing this, as I listen to them chat upstairs. I’m just enjoying their voices float down the stairs – taking it all in. They’ve all worked so hard to give me the best day of my life.

Today is going to be so beautiful. And tomorrow, even more. I’ll wake up on a different bed, in a different house on the other side of town. Next to my husband. Husband!

I just woke up. And it’s my wedding day.


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