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Your Guide to True Crime

The first Forensic Files I vividly remember watching was an episode on Darlie Routier. I was about 7-years-old and taking a sick day from school, home all alone. Most 90’s kids remember laying in bed with their chicken soup, binging The Price is Right and taking comfort in Bob Barker’s soothing voice – like his warm, grandpa-esqe appearance would keep the bad guys away.

A True Crime freak from the start, I openly welcomed the bad guys. Darlie Routier stood accused of stabbing her two sons to death, and even at 7, none of the gruesome murder details frightened me.

These days, I’m super picky about the ways I get my True Crime fix, and I’m excited to share a short list of my favorite podcasts with you! I listen on the free version of Spotify, but I think most of these are available across all streaming platforms.

These are in order of how I’ve rated them, from PG to R, based on language + how graphically the details of the murders are illustrated. I seriously love them all.

1. Moms and Murder Podcast – PG

Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 4.07.48 PM.png

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen me ask for Podcast recs on my stories, because I’m always on the hunt for new voices to fill my time in the car. My daily commute is about 45min one-way so I spend A LOT of time driving. Mandy and Melissa, or as I lovingly call them – the moms – host the Moms and Murder Podcast, where they release new episodes each Tuesday. They’re both wives, moms, and speak with easy-on-the-ears voices. The moms live in Florida and share on various murders from all over the world. They don’t curse or share details in colorful language. They are hilarious and frequently go off-track in their stories, but always bring it back around as they tag-team the content. They are so lovable & I totally fan-girled when they liked one of our wedding photos on Insta!

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2. The Vanished Podcast – PG13

Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 4.24.11 PM.png

This one was recommended by quite a few of my followers and I love it because most of the cases are recent and it helps get the word out about missing people. Marissa covers the facts of various cases, and explores public theories as well as her own thoughts about what happened. Her voice is soft, but authoritative. Unlike the other podcasts featured here, she often interviews the people involved and plays clips for us to hear directly from the lost’s loved ones. I’ve rated this one PG-13 because of occasional quoted cursing and graphic details. Part of what I love most about The Vanished is that Marissa follows up on cases and posts updates when people are found.

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3. True Crime Fan Club Podcast  – R

Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 4.38.21 PM.pngTCFC is one of my absolute favorites. It’s hosted by Lanie, who’s from Texas, and has possibly the best pod voice I’ve ever heard. If you haven’t noticed – voice quality is a super big deal to me. I like buttery voices as Mandy calls them. No accents, or squeakiness please. Lanie is a lot like Marissa, in that she doesn’t make jokes or go on tangents. Her shows are always well researched and follow a well-defined outline. She receives an R-rating because of the raw details included, as well as quoted cursing.

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4. Married to Murder Podcast – R

Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 4.47.40 PM.png

I found Married to Murder after binging all the available episodes of Moms and Murder, and searching for something along to same vibe. Though these two are very similar in content and humor, they differ in delivery – as evidenced by the rating. Gussie and Katie, two wives and moms living in El Paso, host Married to Murder while drinking wine and cussing – a lot. The pair are absolutely hilarious and I kinda wanna drive out west to visit them in a non-stalkerish way. (I promise Detective Katie – totally not gonna pop-up in your window, don’t call Officer Jared Lamb on me!) The format of this show varies from couples who kill together or kill each other, with the occasional coverage of other types of murder. These ladies laugh a lot and go completely off-track a lot. They don’t share super gory details, but their language pushes their rating up into the R category. But seriously, if you never thought murder could be funny, check them out! I love that their outros are designed to lift the mood after a grizzly case.

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I hope you enjoyed these pod recs! Thanks for reading!

p.s. if you’re a complete True Crime Addict, let’s talk!


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