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Good morning everyone, and happy Sunday! As a little girl, Sundays were my favorite. We’d wake up early, clothe ourselves in the best we had and attend Sunday school, taught by my great-aunt, at Central Missionary Baptist Church.

courtesy of: Coffee with the Pastor’s Wife

I think I was related to everyone but the preacher, and my sweet great grandparents sat on the front row. Often, my papaw Charlie would open or close us in prayer- praying Angels of Protection over us all. That, and so many other lessons have stuck with me all these years. I was baptized there, sung Sunday Specials there, and pray Angels of Protection over everyone I love daily.

courtesy of: Coffee with the Pastor’s Wife

After church, we’d change and have Sunday lunch at another of my great-aunts house. Fried chicken and rolls from the local Southern Classic, macaroni from her own recipe, and playing cards for hours. Sundays hold some my most dear and cherished childhood memories.

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When we moved to Texas, we found a small baptist church similar to Central. My sister was dedicated there, and all was well. But soon, the pastor retired and the new guy just wasn’t genuine.

In late 2010, we attended a non-denominational service for the first time and it was different from the classic hymns we were used to. But we liked it and eventually joined. Over the years, I came to teach pre-school classes on Sundays. Then, I started volunteering in the Special Needs ministry. My heart was in it. I loved the kids. I loved the people I served with. I got involved with a small group, met new friends closer to my age, and developed a new passion for helping single moms. Then it all fell apart.

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I left the church long before my parents did. The reasons are many and I won’t share them here, but the phrase “church-hurt” is real and I’m sure there are so many of us out there.

While searching for a new church home, we celebrated things like Easter and Christmas at my uncle’s church. They are Presbyterian, so the services are much more structured – closer to the Baptist I grew up with, but very different from the modern non-denominational is grown accustomed to. Even so, I really enjoy going and the Reverend is a close family friend. He agreed to marry Cole and I, and performed all of our pre-marital counseling. We truly love him and his family!

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During this time, I found a new non-denominational church that I really loved. But, Cole isn’t a fan. So, as part of our counseling homework, the Reverend had us make a list of what’s most important to each of us in a church, and to find a church with a good balance. For me, it’s worship style and a genuine + welcoming vibe. For my husband, it’s a scripture-rich, but practical sermon.

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We’ve only been married three weeks, and our church search is complicated by Cole’s work schedule. He’s in oil + gas and rarely home on the weekends. So this leaves me with a few options:

  1. keep going where my parents go, even though Cole doesn’t like it
  2. visit new churches by myself
  3. stay at home and watch online until we can visit together in person

So far, I’ve opted for option 3 and I kind of feel like a failure with this whole Faith & Fashion blogging venture. I even removed the Faith tab from my homepage because I feel like I have no authority to speak if I’m not even attending a church…especially because now I’ve left two churches in the past 3 years. This has been difficult and really hurt my heart.

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Everyday, I post about Jesus on my Instagram story, but this isn’t enough. So, I’m introducing this new series- Sunday Best Dress. My goal is to mix a little Faith into my Fashion posts, until I feel confident enough to post solely on Faith again.

For our first installment, I’m sharing this beautiful Luna dress, in Spice, from NeeSee’s Dresses. Their tag line drew me in- Always Modest. Always Beautiful.

Jenna Roman Photography

As a new wife, I’m looking to incorporate more modest pieces into my wardrobe, while still allowing my style to shine. When I came across their Instagram page, I could instantly see that NeeSee’s is the authority on modest fashion!

NeeSee’s Dresses Instagram Feed

I’m so happy with my package and the service I received from NeeSee’s! My order arrived so quickly, with a sweet hand-written note, all wrapped in pink tissue paper. Y’all know how I love pink!

Jenna Roman Photography

I also love how The Luna dress features lace bubble sleeves, with a matching lace ruffle hem. I feel sassy, but classy- as the dress does flatter my curves, but covers me from neck to ankles. The Luna also comes in black, if you’re looking for a more classy LBD!

Jenna Roman Photography

For this series, you can expect a review of each piece I feature, as well as a small story and scripture. This week, I decided to focus on marriage and share with you all a verse that I pray over my husband everyday.

Deuteronomy 28:12 NIV

“The LORD will open the heavens, the storehouse of his bounty, to send rain on your land in season and to bless all the work of your hands. You will lend to many nations but will borrow from none.”

This may seem odd, but every morning, while I’m still in bed, I pray for my husband. I pray Angels of Protection over him in his day and as he works. I pray that he is appreciated and rewarded for his work. And I pray for the Lord to Bless the work of his hands. I pray that we always have plenty- not for ourselves- but so that we may give to others. I pray that we both will be good stewards. And I pray that God will give us opportunities to help others, and that we will be receptive.

Jenna Roman Photography

I never want to stop praying this prayer. Long before Cole was my husband, I prayed for the Lord to Bless the work of his hands and to keep him safe in his sometimes dangerous job. And now I’m so honored and Blessed to pray these needs over him as his wife.

I know this post is a little heavier than the fun fashion we’re known for here, but I just want to thank you all so much for your continued love and support as I figure out what this journey has in store for me!

p.s. checkout my sweet friend Jenna on Instagram for all your ETX Photography needs!


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