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Sentimental Staples with Stella & Dot

Disclaimer: I received both necklaces, featured here, in exchange for my honest review. Additionally, this post contains affiliate links – meaning that I will earn a small commission if you shop through them. Thanks so much!

Last week, Cole and I celebrated 3 months of marriage. His aunt took us out to dinner and asked how married life is. She wanted to know how we’re adjusting to living together.


We just laughed. I said – “Well, I don’t think we really know.”

A few days after we got married, Cole started a new job and stayed in West Texas for over a month. So establishing a routine of living together never really happened – I didn’t have to share covers or creep around in the morning as I got ready to avoid waking him. I didn’t get thrown into making dinner every night or cleaning up after him.


Instead, I got to miss him. And I got to feel really grateful for everything he’s done, everything he sacrifices, to create the life we want . I had so much time to think, dream, and pray about our marriage and the home, family, and life we’re building together.


After being gone for those 5 weeks, he came home for 1 and it was perfect. It was like being on our honeymoon all over again – so carefree and just happy to be together. Absolute bliss. I use this silver lining – the thought that it’ll always be this way when he’s home after being gone for so long – to get me through the hard days.


A few weeks ago, I was presented the opportunity to work one of my favorite jewelry brands, Stella & Dot. Immediately, I knew I wanted to find pieces that I can wear everyday and represent the current chapter of life I’m in.


I love understated, soft pieces and I’m so excited to partner with Stella & Dot to share these two beautiful and dainty pieces – a cross to remind me of God’s plan for us when Cole’s away, and a bar engraved with an E – because if you know me, you know how obsessed I am with my new initial.


I love that each of these pieces are simple enough to wear with tees, while also elegant enough to wear with my business professional attire – making them the perfectly versatile and sentimental pieces for every day wear.

Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 3.22.45 PM

I’ve worn them both each day since I unboxed them, and I’ve gotten so many compliments! They both come in silver as well, and are ethically made.

Please let me know what questions you have about Stella & Dot!


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