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Low-Carb Buffalo Chicken Dip from the Measure Me Whole Kitchen

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In a few months, Coffee on the Couch reaches a huge milestone – it’s first birthday! Many bloggers celebrate with those huge gold number balloons, and I probably will too. But first, I wanted to thank everyone who’s helped me along this journey.

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Kaili, from Measure Me Whole, is a military wife and Certified Nutritionist whom I met early on in this blogging thing and I love her holistic wellness advice and recipes, so I know you will too!

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A few weeks ago, Ava and I whipped up a Measure Me Whole original – the Healthy Buffalo Chicken Dip. Click here for the recipe.


We modified it just a bit by boiling the chicken instead of baking, and adding blue cheese crumbles before popping it in the oven, but otherwise we stuck to Kaili’s flavorful creation. We served it up with celery and Whisps, and it was a hit with everyone!

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For this Babes Support Babes Series, look for lots more content from my fellow blogging gals. I’ll bring you more recipes, fashion & beauty tips, cleaning tricks, fertility info, and more – all from the girls I do this blogging life with on a daily basis! This year wouldn’t have been possible without them.




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