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    Holiday Parties, without the Egg Nog

    I’ve filmed the video explaining what led me to stop drinking alcohol, and I’m in the final process of editing – so it’ll probably be up tonight! In the meantime, I thought we could talk a bit about making it through this season without drinking, if you’re feeling bold, or just drinking less! I’ll preface with this – there is absolutely nothing wrong with drinking responsibly, and I so admire those who can do so. Okay, let’s dive in. Last year, I was listening to a nutrition podcast where they discussed various ways of staying on track during the holidays. The number one tip they gave? Staying away from, or…

  • Heart-Talk

    Three Mighty Warriors – with Shayna Staffa

    Through reaching out to Etsy makers in an effort to spread Angel’s story and get together a few inspirational items to cheer her up (more on that later), I connected with Shayna Staffa – owner of Three Mighty Warriors. Shayna, a bright-haired, tattooed, creative was raised Catholic but left the church soon after her high school graduation. As an atheist, she was hesitant to accept the invitation when her family asked her to join them at a new church last year. courtesy of @shayna.hugz “They would constantly invite me and minister to me about Jesus,” Shayna said. “I finally gave in and attended a few church services. Then I accepted…

  • Heart-Talk

    Voices of Recovery – with Kassi Carter

    Though Americans make up only about 5% of the world’s population, we consume over 80% of the world’s opioid supply and according to the Centers for Disease Control, the amount of opioid prescriptions has quadrupled over the past 15 years. To illustrate, in 2013, physicians prescribed enough opioids for every American adult to possess his or her own bottle. Every September, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) leads National Recovery Month in an effort to increase awareness about and empathy toward those who struggle with addiction and their journey through recovery. This year’s theme is Join the Voices of Recovery, and today we’ll hear Kassi Carter’s voice…

  • Heart-Talk

    Heart-Talk with Ashletics CEO Ashlyn Harvey

    If you follow Ashletics on Instagram, you’ve probably heard some first-hand wisdom from the CEO herself – Ashlyn Harvey. Ashlyn is passionate about sharing the real, raw moments that go into growing her business, her self, and her glutes (we’ll get to that.) After graduating from the University of Louisiana at Monroe in 2017, the entrepreneur moved to Dallas, Texas and began the journey that is her career in the fitness industry. She instructed group fitness classes but wanted more. “I desired to have something to call MINE,” Ashlyn said. “If you asked me in college what I wanted to do with my degree, I would say ‘I want to…

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